The Challenge

The Prove-it Initiative calls for an immediate moratorium on all new public wireless technologies, including SmartMeters until...

  • Testing of these technologies for health impacts shows there is no harm.
  • A blue-ribbon commission certifies that US standards for microwave exposures and other EMFs are safe.

This website informs about the health impacts of wireless technologies and  provides tools to help you take immediate action for change!


  • SIGN-IT: read and sign the prove-it initiative which will be sent to the President and Congress
  • SEND a MESSAGE: send a message to the president, key congress-people and select state officials.
  • SEARCH and BROWSE: search and browse a list of more than 5000 Microwave health studies
  • TRACK-ITtrack symptoms like headache, sleep, joint pain, concentration etc. plus heart rate, blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, asthma and children’s behaviors (before-and-after wireless is activated)
  • POWER-OFF: power-off all wireless-off when you sleep and track your health. Prove-it to yourself how much wireless is impacting your health and peak performance.
  • READ STORIES: read about real people with real health impacts from SmartMeters.
  • Become an ADVOCATE: gather signatures and hand out one pagers and health tracking –      TRACK-IT documents.
  • Become a DIPLOMAT: organize local meetings, inform public officials, contact the press!